About Karak Times

Keeping in view the violation of basic human rights and the obstacles that lay in the way of a free press in the region, Karak Times started its publication in the form of a Weekly  from Karak Peshawar. The fearless and bold policies of the news paper unearthed an endless tale of bulldozing of basic human rights, massive corruption and financial embezzlements and ruthless bloodshed in the name of either religious beliefs or an assumed and self invented fake national identity. These achievements made the news paper a widely read and people termed it their sole representative.

The Newspaper, despite all the barriers went ahead without accepting a slightest shift in its policies and in 2012 it changed it status from a Weekly publication to a Daily newspaper .Daily Karak Times believes in following professional ethics while performing its duties and its slogan of bringing the wrongdoings by the political bigwigs and establishment of the region to the court of the masses and the international community no matter at what cost.

The team well come’s intellectuals, lawyers, politicians, journalists, students and the common masses of the region to join in Daily Karak Times to fulfill its mission of voicing the woes of an enslaved nation of Pakistan


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